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New Manure Transport/Injection Regulations:

*Manure Injection: rate  has been changed from $55/acre to $45/acre.

*Dairy and “Other” Manure Transport: program has significant changes (no major changes to poultry transport)

  • Only the receiving farmer may apply to the program.
  • Manure recommendation rates from the nutrient management plan (NMP) will not be submitted with the application.
  • A manure analysis is no longer submitted.
  • There are two manure consistencies instead of four: Liquid/Slurry and Solid/Semi-Solid.
  • Maximum application rates of 6,000 gal/acre for liquid/slurry and 10 tons/acre for solid manures.
  • Eligible fields to receive manure are restricted to certain non-legume crops (e.g., no soybean or alfalfa fields).
  • Eligible fields must have soil phosphorus FIV levels less than or equal to 100.
  • No more calculation of how much manure can be used within 1 mile of the manure storage structure(s) in order to determine how much manure is available for transport beyond the mile.
  • Manure may be transported from a maximum of four manure sources (e.g., storage structures) under one operation. Worksheets emphasize determining which fields will receive manure from which source.

Important Links

Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS): a great resource for  soil surveys, financial and technical assistance, and more


Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA):  a great resource for MDA logolicenses and permits as well as information about animal health, pest management, and Maryland agricultural products


Maryland Association of Soil Conservation Districts (MASCD): a great resource for better understanding the  role of soil conservation districts throughout the state of Maryland  click here

Cover Crops

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACover crops are planted primarily for preventing soil erosion during the normally bare season month, for improving soil health and fertility, and reducing weeds and pests. Cost share on cover crops is available through Maryland Agricultural Cost Share (MACS) from Maryland Department of Agriculture at the rates listed below. Crops can be a mix of approved species. There are 3 tiers of cover crops based on dates planted. Acres planted before October 1 receive a $10-$20/acre early planting bonus and  acres planted by October 15 receive a $5-$10 early planting bonus. There is a bonus of $10/acre for planting rye. Aerial has a $5 bonus. Base payment is $45.

Nutrient Management

What’s new with nutrient management

*Changes to the Manure Incorporation/injection Program! No manure incorporation cost share- only injection. Also Fast Track available for poultry manure transport. Contact us for more information on changes to the manure transport and injection cost share program.

*Farmers who are using no-till are no longer required to incorporate manure- all operations that are not no-till must incorporate within 48 hours.

Nutrient Application Updates 12-13-16

*Extended fall application period of September 15 to December 15. Winter period extends from December 16 to February 28. Do not apply nutrients to ground frozen 2 or more inches or ground with 1 or more inches of snow. Contact your nutrient management consultant for more details.

Nutrient Application Requirements Updates January 2017

Soil Health

Ways to improve soil health:

  • Plant cover crops- keep soil covered as much as possible
  • Minimize soil disturbance- no till or reduced till farming
  • Use plant diversity- crop rotation
  • Use less pesticides to allow for better habitat for beneficial soil organisms like earth worms

Benefits of healthy soil:

  • Hold more water- less loss to runoff and evaporation
  • Reduce nutrient loading and sediment runoff into local waterways
  • Increase organic matter
  • Retain nitrogen in the soil
  • Reduce soil compaction
  • Improve habitat for wildlife
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