District Manager Karen Miller receives award for 30 years of service to the District presented by Board President Tommy Unruh.

The Kent Soil & Water Conservation District partners with local, state and federal agencies to help protect the Chesapeake Bay. The District serves a primarily agricultural region on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, with grain farming, vegetable operations, dairy farms, poultry farms and nurseries comprising the agricultural makeup of the area. Bordered on three sides by water and boasting 70 miles of tidal shoreline, the District is involved heavily in protecting the county’s water resources. District staff work with landowners and farmers to develop Soil Conservation and Water Quality Plans outlining Best Management Practices (BMPs) which are needed to maintain agricultural production and minimize downstream water quality problems. Structural BMPs installed by the District include grade stabilization structures, riparian buffers, grassed waterways and animal waste storage structures. Non-structural practices used to control erosion and manage nutrients include crop rotation, residue management and the planting of winter cover crops to tie-up excess nutrients.

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